Friday, September 4, 2009

New Block of the Month Quilt

It's time for the new block of the month quilt, Galactic Explosion, to grace my website. I agonized over a colorway for this quilt. I had about four or five diffferent versions, then finally narrowed it down to two: a cool blue/green/aqua/ colorway and and a warm red/orange/coral/yellow colorway. Which one would people like more? I pondered. Red, Blue? Then, it came to me--duh! Why couldn't I just show both and leave it up to quilters to decide what they wanted to do. Heck, it's a free BOM quilt--quilters can make it in an autumn palette, Christmas themed fabrics, or muted taupes. What was I thinking--and why do I think so much? What's that old saying . . .keep it simple. To get the free monthly patterns visit my website Then YOU can decide what fabrics you want to use for you Galactic Explosion. By the way, if you want to buy the fabrics for the blocks each month, the kits are only $5 each!