Saturday, June 13, 2009

I've been "flocked"

Okay, when my son David who's in town for his ten year class reunion came home late last night from hanging out with some of his old high school buddies, he woke his dad and I up saying, "You've got to see this." Across our front lawn and down our driveway was one plastic flamingo after another. They were in the shrubbery too and one was even hanging from a tree. One flamingo perched by the front door sported a sign danging from his neck which read, "You've been flocked by Frontier volleyball." I couldn't help but laugh. I'd had a major number of these talented and beautiful high school young women in my AP Comp course this past academic year at Frontier High. In my mind's eye I could see them stealthily creeping around my front yard, placing every flamingo so it was in just the right pose, all the while trying to suppress laughter.Of course my question now is, what do I have to do to get rid of these flamingos?

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Okay, in my last post I stated that am lucky. Now, thanks to menopause, I'm in another mood (don't we love the ever shifting state of emotions "the change" brings us?). I've received so many fabulous fabrics in the past month that in an effort to get EVERYTHING ready and just so for the upcoming Long Beach Quilt Festival, I've pushed myself over the edge just a bit. My design was says it all. Three quilts in the design stage??? What am I thinking. I also have two that need quilting, and one that needs a binding. I've two other collections that need to have samples made up. And I'm also trying to get directions written, patterns published, and kits made up. YIKES--I've got to get back to work!


What a lucky lady I am! Look at these gorgeous fabrics from Marcus Brothers Fabrics. They are from two collections: Cotillion and Cotillion Yarn Dyes. Pati of Marcus Brothers, sent me the collection and said, "We want to see what you can do with this line." Oh,ho, ho, I thought. Do I love a challenge? Well the quilt is all pieced together and is about to go on my longarm. I've consulted my longarm experts Lynn and Christiane, for quilting ideas, thread color, etc. and feel like I'm ready to tackle the quilting. The quilt is so, so soft and pretty that I want to do it justice. I'll be sure to share a sneak peek when it's done.