Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mill Works Sneak Peek

It's a Sunday morning and I have to admit that I slept in late today. Last night I stayed up well past midnight, determined to finish hand sewing the binding down on my new Mill Works quilt. This morning, the first thing I did was toss the quilt in the washing machine. Yes, I always wash my quilts once they're done. It cleans off the dust and such that the fabric picks up during construction and any marking lines left behind. It also softens up the fabric and fluffs up the batting to give the quilt that soft puckers look I so love on a quilt.

So here is Mill Works laid out on my living room floor. Now I am blocking it to make sure everything is as square as possible and to make sure the quilt lays flat.

Mill Works is my newest block of the month quilt project and is designed as an 8-month program. It features my new Mill Works fabric collection from Marcus Fabrics. It should be hitting the shelves of your local quilt shops this fall and be available for re-order for about 12 months.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Aunt Grace Dots Strip It

Strip It Three Ways: Series 3 is one of our newest patterns featuring pre-cut 2 1/2"-wide strips. There are instructions for three different quilts in the pattern, so you can get quite a bit of mileage from one pattern.  The pattern front is shown below so you can see all three of the quilts. Next to it is the back of the pattern that shows the fabric requirements.

I made Ribbon Star, shown here on the left using a strip pack of Aunt Grace Dots by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Fabrics. Apparently, these strip packs are in short supply. The good news is, there is a shipment heading my way.  The bad news is, what I get is what I am going to get. No re-orders. Boo hoo. Unhappy face.:(

But the more GOOD NEWS is that you can PRE-ORDER your Aunt Grace Dots Strip Pack now. Just click here.

Estimated ship date is August 1, 2014.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Five Free Quilt Patterns

I love a freebie, don't you?  I just thought I would let you know that we have FIVE free patterns ranging from pillows, to home decor items, to quilts on our website, Nancy Rink Designs. 

Bet your friends would like a freebie, too, so be sure to share these with them.

Have a relaxing summer!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Quilt Market--Pittsburgh More Photos Part 2

More photos from Quilt Market for your enjoyment!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Quilt Market--Pittsburgh More Photos Part 1

Here are photos from other booths at Quilt Market. Sorry I didn't get more. I was having too much fun soaking it all in.2014-05-18 12.08.592014-05-18 12.09.092014-05-18 12.09.212014-05-18 12.09.262014-05-18 12.09.48 HDR
2014-05-18 12.10.422014-05-18 12.12.052014-05-18 12.13.092014-05-18 12.13.222014-05-18 12.14.54

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Quilt Market--Pittsburgh

IMG 23901Here is our booth. On the far left wall are quilts fron Strip It Three Ways: Series 2. On the back wall, left to right: Playa Del Sol, Bloom Love, Flowering Hearts, Color Love Block of the Month, Amish With a Twist (Lightens Up color way).On the table is a quilt from Strip It Three Ways: Series 3. Playa Del Sol, Bloom Love, Flowering Hearts, and the Color Love BOM are all made with fabrics from my Color Love collection by Marcus Fabrics.

IMG 23851On the far right is El Camino Real Block of the Month andon the end of the table is Love Grows, a beginning paper piecing pattern. Both of the quilts are made with fabrics from my El Camino Real collection by Marcus Fabrics.
2014-05-16 09.34.27
Here is the applique' version of the Color Love BOM hanging in the Marcus Fabrics booth.
2014-05-15 13.49.28
Here is a better look at the new Strip It Three Ways: Series Two quilts. They all feature Marcus solid strip packs.  I got to pick all of the fabrics for the strip packs and design the quilts to go with them.  FUN!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Color Love--The BOM Quilts

Okay, so a while back I showed off my upcoming Color Love fabric collection from Marcus Fabrics with a sneak peek at an applique block. Since we leave tomorrow for Spring Quilt Market, I thought it might be a good time to show a few images of the Color Love BOM quilts. The reason I say "quilts", plural, is because there are two versions of the same quilt: an applique version and a pieced version. The quilts finish at 87" x 93" and the program is designed as a five-part BOM, with "flex" options to make it longer if desired.
Here is my EQ rendering of the applique version.  See the eight cute applique blocks surrounding the center star?  They are made up of simple shapes, and to make things even easier, we are offering the blocks as laser cut, pre-fused blocks.

NEW Color Love Applique Quilt

And here is the pieced version for those who do not do the "A" word.
NEW Color Love Pieced Quilt

And here is a photo of the actual applique Color Love quilt spread out on my living room floor. I had A LOT of help with this quilt from some great ladies in Albuquerque,NM. Thank you Amanda Ruden!  The pieced quilt was made by Sandy Kent who lives in Texas. I'd show you photos of it too, but it is all folded and packed in a suitcase, ready to go to Pittsburg tomorrow.
CL applique

Isn't the quilting perfect? Elizabeth Anne Dawson of Albuquerque, NM worked her longarm magic on the quilt.
CL detailBlock close up
Ask for Color Love at your local quilt shop. The program is slated to begin September 2014. You can find additional information on the Marcus Fabrics website.