Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 2010 Newsletter

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Here's What I Did with the Pineapple Blocks

By the way, here's what became of my pineapple blocks. I made a small wall hanging/table topper and a table runner. Here they are on my dining room table. Aren't they perfect? Do you see how well they work with the fabric on my dining room chairs? I am very happy with them and with myself for stopping and making two smaller projects.

Feeling Inept

I have been struggling this week with getting a good photo of one of my new quilts. I'm trying to finish up the pattern jacket for Gift Wrapped, a rich pink and brown quilt I designed to feature Marcus Brothers' Olde Cedar Chest fabric collection. Here's one of the photos. The cute little dog is my daughter Diane's maltese, Jack. Isn't he a doll? We've been dogsitting a lot lately and I couldn't help wanting to put him in a shot.Here's another photo.
Now, to me, these don't even look like the same quilt. But the real problem occurs when I paste the photo into the pattern jacket using Adobe Photoshop. The jacket looks good on the screen, but when I print it, it has a distinct green cast to it. I've tried to adjust it in several ways, but the image still comes out with the green cast. Do any of you have any suggestions for how to fix this? I am really feeling inept and frustrated at this point.