Monday, August 3, 2009

Life is a Series of Dogs

Comedian George Carlin had a routine I loved called "Life Is A Series of Dogs". My first dog, Punky, was a character who lived to be 15 years old. He survived being hit by a Suburban, but had to have his front left leg amputated and steel pins held his pelvis together. His vet, who did his surgery, said he was a miracle dog and, in fact, wrote an article for a veterinary medicine journal about Punky's cutting-edge surgery. After Punky, I thought I would never get another dog. But I am adept at eating my words, and less than a year after Punky went to dog heaven, we brought home a ditsy Shepherd mix named Daisy. She's a rescue dog--the best kind--and she's a love. The other day I took her to the groomers and when I picked her up the girl at the front counter said. "Oh Daisy--sigh--she's a sweetie. She's been talking to everyone all day and giving everyone kisses." That's Daisy! She doesn't bark, but she's a talker. Trust me--I've had entire conversations with her. Plus I get a thousand kisses a day from her.


Sherry said...

Daisy certainly looks like she has a lot of personality.

My "first" dog (as opposed to my parents dogs), Bogart, died in December 2009. I hadn't planned on getting another dog right away (Bogart had been insulin dependant for the last 5 years of his life). . figured I wanted to have time to get myself together.

Three weeks after Bogart died DH wanted to go to an adoption event. . .he was ready for another buddy, even if I wasn't. We came home with Casey, a cockapoo (maybe) that had been picked up as a stray.

DH may have wanted a buddy but Casey is my shadow!

Dog people are always dog people.

Rhonda said...

Dogs are the best. I haven't owned on in years but I still remember fondly my German Shepard who was a constant companion.