Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Whew, I'm Tired Already and I'm Not Even There Yet!

Yes, I'm already worn out from getting ready for my guild's show this weekend. The guild, The Cotton Patch Quilters of Bakersfield, is a large, dedicated guild with enormous talent. Several of our members exhibit and have won awards in national shows--three member won awards at Houston last year! So, even though I'm just vending and have vended at shows large and small, I feel a bit of extra pressure getting every thing ready for my booth at the Bakersfield show.

And it just seems inevitable that things go wrong when there's that bit of extra pressure. Let's see, first my computer got a nasty worm that took me who is not very well versed in the techno world far too long to get rid of. (Advice to self: don't download videos "friends" post on Facebook!). Next, the company I usually rent my pole and drape from didn't have what I need--all their pole and drape was being dedicated to a local bridal show. Third when I went to work this morning and opened my classroom door, a horrid stench knocked me over. My students were practically in revolt and it was only after I'd opened all the windows and doors, sprayed air freshener, and called the office to complain that they'd come in the room. After a while, we oddly got used to the smell, but I was assaulted by it again and again every time the heater went on. Yes, I hear you saying, "Then turn off the heat!" Not that easy. Our heating and cooling is controlled by the central office. We can only adjust it a total of about five degrees.

So if you're in Bakersfield, CA this weekend or want to see a fantastic local quilt show, come on out to the Kern County Farigrounds. Doors open 9:00 AM Saturday, 10:00AM Sunday. Men are free, so your DH won't cost you a thing!

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